Elysium - SWALLOW



bringing tattoos to the metaverse

bring tattoo designs to life

Digitised, collectable tattoo art turned into skin-deep wearables with Metaverse and in-game application. Carbon Neutral SWALLOW NFTs provide a new layer of expression in the digital realm.

interact with our dapp

The operating system behind SWALLOW, is comprised of a Tattoo NFT Marketplace & DEX that will be accessible online or in any SWALLOW Studio Metaverse location.


visit us in the metaverse

For the full interactive, immersive experience visit SWALLOW Studio - our NFT Tattoo studio in the Metaverse. Apply SWALLOW NFTs to your avatar, play games, or simply hang out.

powered by the

$SWOL facilitates various transactional functions throughout the SWALLOW ecosystem. A portion of fees captured throughout the platform are used to buy $SWOL on the market and are burnt forever.


Want to take part in the digital evolution of tattoos, get paid more than once for a single design, all while growing your audience?

Have a chat with one of our team to learn how.


Meet some of our early tattooists