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Meet SWALLOW: Alex Nicholls

Meet SWALLOW team member Alex!

  1. Tell us about your tattoo journey; what was your first tattoo? I got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old. I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat it; we were in the laundry of the sharehouse I lived in then, and a good friend who is now a talented muralist (Jarad Danby) gave me a drunken palm tree on my left leg. It’s stood the test of time and still stands strong amongst others. It was funny at the time, but tattoos at home in potentially unhygienic scenarios aren’t something we condone at all. Go and see a professional tattoo artist.

  2. What game are you playing the most? Lately, I’ve started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now and then. I played a lot of CS while growing up, competed in LAN competitions, etc., and it’s been nice refamiliarising myself with somewhere I once spent so much time.

  3. How did you get into NFTs? I’ve been in crypto in one way or another since 2016. NFTs first caught my eye when my long-term friend & now SWALLOW CDO, Milan Chagoury (https://www.instagram.com/staybold/), started showing me some he’d aped into. From there, I never really stopped researching & buying NFTs, and here we are, a couple of years later, creating the building blocks for the most collaborative NFT collection.

  4. What excites you about being a part of SWALLOW? Not a great deal doesn’t excite me about being a part of SWALLOW. One of my favorite parts is knowing we’re adding a layer of scalability to an entire industry and the epic tattoo artists that are massively contributing to that. We’ve got a fantastic, tight-knit, highly driven team that’s hyper-focused on delivering on that goal. Seeing the tattoo artists' reactions when we show them how their tattoos look integrated into different games & metaverses isn’t something that’ll ever get old.

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