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SWALLOW lands in Singapore

The SWALLOW team is incredibly excited to be landing in TOKEN2049 this week in Singapore!TOKEN2049 is the top technology event in the cryptocurrency world, organized annually in Singapore and London, where coordinators of the most promising Web3 companies share their views on the market and the new digital worlds we are building together.

SWALLOW will be on the ground during the conference to discuss digital tattoos in gaming and the metaverse.

We're also attending the All That Matters sub-event Web3 Matters, where SWALLOW CEO Alex Nicholls will speak on a blue-sky panel exploring how we are bringing the global Music, Sports, Gaming, Marketing, Digital, and Web3 industries together.

And we have just the thing if you're keen to connect with the team and vibe with us! Come chat with SWALLOW and meet other entrepreneurs and VCs at the SWALLOW x Poplab-sponsored "Perch Party" event on September 30th!

The event will feature:

  • Live graffiti session by top local artist CLOGTWO

  • Live tattoo sessions by top local featured artists from SWALLOW

  • Lots of good food & drinks

  • Meeting the best people

  • NFT giveaways, Merch drops, and live auction!

To set up a meeting with us, reach out on Twitter!