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SWALLOW Weekly Artist Spotlight: Aaron Della Vedova

We’ve got more than 100 tattoo artists on board, spanning from the Far East of Asia to the tip of North America, the only thing more broad is the communities they represent.

From here on in, each week we’re going to shine a digital spotlight on 1 of our many talented tattooists. This week, it’s the wildly talented Aaron Della Vedova, owner and tattooer at Guru Tattoo in San Diego.

Aaron's tattoo studios: Guru Tattoo, San Diego:

Pacific Beach, San Diego

Little Italy, San Diego

Always humble & excited about all things blockchain & NFT’s, here’s what Aaron had to say about himself:

I am a 30 year tattooer and owner of Guru Tattoo here in San Diego for the past 22 years. I mostly do large format, full color tattoos with a surrealistic illustrative style.

After all these years I am starting to feel that tattooing was more than my chosen craft but also a pathway that pushed me in a direction that ultimately forced to not only grow as an artist but also as a father, husband and friend in ways that would have never been possible otherwise. That, coupled with all of the incredible people I have been able to spend countless hours in deep conversation with, has lead me to many enlightening realizations and perhaps more importantly, truly cherished friendships. For this I am and will always be eternally grateful for all that the art of tattooing has given to me!

Now as I turn towards the final chapter of my career, I feel a deepening desire to give back to the craft that has given me so much. I believe that what we do as tattooers truly touches people’s souls and so I think it incredibly important to bring all the love, compassion and creative energy we posses to it!

Works by Aaron:

Back piece by Aaron

Front piece by Aaron

Arm Sleeve by Aaron

Body suit by Aaron

On top of laying down epic tattoos on thousands of people throughout an incredible career spanning 3 decades, Aaron has tattooed Joe Rogan for a long time and also happens to call him a personal friend. The community found and built via the age-old art of tattooing knows no bounds.

We’re beyond excited to work with Aaron on his SWALLOW NFT’s and looking forward to seeing his tattoos integrated into various web3 games and metaverses.

If you know, or you are, a talented tattoo artists who would like to chat to us, send us a DM on socials or email us at artists@swallow.digital

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