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SWALLOW x Sasha Tattooing at the Golden State Tattoo Expo

During September, hundreds of world-renowned tattoo artists & thousands of tattoo collectors from all over the world descended on Pasadena, California, for the inaugural Golden State Tattoo Expo, presented by Inked Magazine.

The show featured the best of the best in international tattooing, in all styles, with artists from around the globe in attendance and showcasing their work.

SWALLOW was lucky enough to partner up with the team from Sasha Tattooing to sponsor their booth for the expo. The booth was occupied by some of the talented Sasha Tattooing team, slinging cool tattoos to attendees for all three days of the event and representing SWALLOW on the ground in California.

With SWALLOW branding front and center at the booth, there was naturally a lot of curiosity around what we’re doing and how we’re bringing tattoos to gaming & the metaverse. Sasha & team didn’t hesitate to educate the crew; soon enough, everyone who knew what was up was more than excited about the digital future of tattooing.

Amidst a flurry of fantastic artist booths from across the globe, the SWALLOW x Sasha Tattooing booth was a hub of activity and excitement throughout the weekend. It was a thrill to see many talented artists from many different parts of the world coming together to celebrate their craft and share that love with thousands of tattoo aficionados in one place.

Overall, it was an amazing experience being part of the Golden State Tattoo Expo - we can't wait to see what other incredible events are in store for us as we continue our mission to bring more tattoo artists into the digital space!

A big thank you to the team from Sasha Tattooing for representing SWALLOW the way they did and for their impressive show at the Golden State Tattoo Expo!

The SWALLOW mission has always been to spread our love for tattoo art and culture everywhere in the world, and we’re excited to attend more expos in the near future in all corners of the globe. Our talented, far-reaching lineup of SWALLOW contributing artists features some of the best creators in the international tattoo scene. We’re committed to continuing to work with them to share their talent with the world. If you’re a tattoo artist and want to join us, we’d love to have you aboard.