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What is SWALLOW?

SWALLOW is a fusion between tattoo culture and digital identity. SWALLOW provides users the ability to customise their in-game & Metaverse avatars with expressive and authentic NFT tattoos by their favourite real-world tattoo artists.

For users

Never before has the opportunity to minimise the gap between the physical and the digital worlds been possible in such a scalable format.

As applications for web3 and the Metaverse continue to grow, there is a requirement for its adopters to bridge their freedom of expression across both the physical and digital realms. SWALLOW facilitates the ability for users to express themselves in a digital format.

For tattooists

We are equipping the tattoo industry with tools enabling artists to expose their art to the web3 gaming & Metaverse realms, offering a new, unique market to grow their exposure to the crypto, NFT, web3 & Metaverse spaces and further their digital footprint.

  • Scalable, passive income

  • Digitised, monetised catalogue of tattoos

  • Global meeting place for tattooists

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